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ksiazka tytuł: Revenge Tango autor: Rodriguez Jerry A.

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Revenge Tango

Wersja papierowa
Wydawnictwo: Random House
ISBN: 978-07-582-1712-7
Format: 14.0x21.6cm
Liczba stron: 254
Oprawa: Miękka
Wydanie: 2008 r.
Język: angielski

Dostępność: dostępny
62,50 zł 59,40 zł

In this explosive follow-up to his acclaimed novel <I>The Devil's Mambo,</I> author Jerry A. Rodriguez plunges readers into a gritty, savagely erotic underworld where one man fights for his life--and his sanity. . . <P> Ex-NYPD Homicide detective, multimillion-dollar lottery winner, and Manhattan salsa club owner Nicholas Esperanza is fighting hard to keep it together. Ever since his run-in with Mistress Devona Love--an encounter that shook his manhood to the core--he's been an emotional wreck: convinced Devona is stalking him, his girlfriend Legs is leaving him, and worst of all, that he is slipping into madness. <P> So when the woman who wants him dead kidnaps Legs in exchange for his protection, Esperanza's only choice is to hit the dangerous back streets of Brooklyn and hope that his own mind doesn't pull a double cross. Jamaican drug dealers, Italian mobsters, and Russian gangsters are just a part of the high stakes game. And with time running out, the only way Esperanza's going to win is with fists, bullets, and blood. <P> <I>Revenge Tango </I> is a wild thrill ride in which the final dance leads to a stunning climax where only the most ruthless can hope to survive. . . <P> <B>Praise for The Devil's Mambo </B><P> "Many novels promise to take us to a dark, dangerous world we've never seen before, yet few deliver the way <I>The Devil's Mambo </I>does." --Jason Starr<P> "Gave me a case of the serious creeps. . .Unputdownable. Rodriguez is working mean streets that haven't been worked before. He's the real thing. Dig this book." --Robert Ward, <I>Red Baker</I><P> "The Devil's Mambo. . .packs the punch and entertaining edge of the pulps." --<I>Booklist </I><P> "Nick Esperanza dives deep into New York's sexual underworld in this graphic, gritty first novel." --<I>Publishers Weekly</I> <P><B>Jerry A. Rodriguez</B> is a writer-director who has staged dozens of plays Off Broadway and has conducted film-making workshops for such places as the Film Society of Lincoln Center. He wrote and directed the critically acclaimed short film, <I>El Deseo,</I> which was heralded by the <I>Village Voice </I> as "a Sydney Lumet-like gangster saga that revels in the beauty of the Puerto Rican visage." Jerry directed <I>Problems of the World Today </I> for Warner/Elektra, one of the very first hip-hop videos to premiere on national television by the first rap group to be signed to a major record label. His writing will be featured in the upcoming short story anthologies, <I>The Darker Mask</I> and <I>Bronx Biannaul II.</I> He lives in Brooklyn, New York.



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