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Bobby Fischer Goes to War, Edmonds David
Bobby Fischer Goes to War Bestseller
59,10 zł 56,10 zł
Philosophy of Osteopathy, Still Andrew S.

First published in 1899, “Philosophy of Osteopathy” is an exposition of the principles of osteopathy by its creator Andrew Taylor Still. This ... więcej

Podstawy spektroskopii molekularnej, Kęcki Zbigniew
Travel Journal Haiti, Journal Good
Travel Journal Haiti Bestseller
59,10 zł 56,10 zł

Jest to podstawowy podręcznik do spektroskopii molekularnej. Omówiono w nim ogólne podstawy spektroskopii, różne rodzaje ... więcej

This journal is the perfect traveling companion for anyone visiting Haiti. Plan and record all details of your trip, includes lined and blank pages for ... więcej

Pekińska wiosna 1989, Góralczyk Bogdan
The Road to Wigan Pier, Orwell George
The Road to Wigan Pier Bestseller
32,50 zł 30,90 zł

Młodzi ludzie , bohaterowie "Pekińskiej Wiosny" 1989 roku występowali w dobrej wierze, chcieli naprawy i poprawy sytuacji. Byli niewinni ... więcej

ANTHEM, Rand Ayn
ANTHEM Bestseller
12,30 zł 11,70 zł
Our Solar System, Various,

Unabridged value reproduction of ANTHEM by Ayn Rand.  The story set in the dark ages where technology is planned and individuality is not ... więcej

Our Solar System: An easy, practical book to understand the planets in our Solar System. Written especially for kids to learn about science and nature.

Polish National Cinema, Haltof Marek
Polish National Cinema Bestseller
189,10 zł 179,60 zł
In My Father's Shadow, Feder Chris Welles

"Sources in English [on Polish cinema] are especially scant . . . What a relief, then, to read such an informed and concise yet exhaustive account of Polish ... więcej

Out of all the many stars and celebrities Hollywood has produced, only a handful have achieved the fame--and, some would say, infamy--of Orson Welles, ... więcej

The Price of Salt, Highsmith Patricia
The Law, Bastiat Frederic
The Law Bestseller
15,40 zł 14,60 zł

2016 Reprint of 1952 Edition. "The Price of Salt" is Highsmith's only lesbian novel. She is best known for her Ripley detective novels. It is a fairly ... więcej

The Law was originally published as a pamphlet in 1850 by Frederic Bastiat (1801-1850). Bastiat wrote most of his work in the few years before and after ... więcej

The Ottoman Dynasty (Classic Reprint), Hidden Alexander W.
Kanji From Zero! 1, Trombley George

Excerpt from The Ottoman Dynasty The object of this book is to give a concise history of the Sultans of Turkey, from the foundation of their dynasty to ... więcej

Kanji From Zero! is an innovative and integrated approach to learning Japanese developed by professional Japanese interpreter George Trombley and co-writer ... więcej

Memoirs, Rosenberg Alfred
Memoirs Bestseller
46,90 zł 44,60 zł
Post Office, Bukowski Charles
Post Office Bestseller
67,20 zł 63,80 zł

The sensational memoirs of Alfred Rosenberg, the Third Reich’s leading ideologue, Minister of the Occupied Eastern Territories, and author of the  ... więcej

The Absent Wife, Jayne Erika
The Absent Wife Bestseller
14,10 zł 13,40 zł
London Belongs to Me, Middleton Jacquelyn

Three weeks ago Jason's wife died. She was home alone and it looked like she killed herself. Yet Jason still can't believe the facts. There are blank ... więcej

A New City. A New Start. Same Old Demons. Alex Sinclair couldn’t jump on a plane fast enough. Broken from an unexpected betrayal, she flees ... więcej

The Big Sleep, Chandler Raymond
The Big Sleep Bestseller
52,10 zł 49,50 zł
The Waste Land (Wisehouse Classics - Original Authoritative Edition), Eliot T. S.

The Big Sleep (1939) is a hardboiled crime novel by Raymond Chandler, the first in his acclaimed series about detective Philip Marlowe. The work has been ... więcej

'em'The Waste Land'/em' is a long poem by T. S. Eliot. It is widely regarded as one of the most important poems of the 20th century and a central text ... więcej

Tales of Old Japan, Vol. 1 of 2 (Classic Reprint), Mitford A. B.
The Global Sexual Revolution, Kuby Gabriele

Excerpt from Tales of Old Japan, Vol. 1 of 2 IN the Introduction to the story of the Forty-seven Ronins, I have said almost as much as is needful by way ... więcej

The core of the global cultural revolution is the deliberate confusion of sexual norms. It is the culmination of a metaphysical revolution as well--a shifting ... więcej

Amy Winehouse - The Untold Story, Govan Chloe
Integrity3 The Importance of Integrity in Christian Leadership, Brown Dmin DSL Rev. Dr. Jasmin O.

If Amy Winehouse was a car, and life was a highway, her biggest mistake was never applying the brakes. Yet why and how did the song 'Rehab' stop being ... więcej

Integrity has been an essential component of leadership throughout the ages. The Church is facing an integrity crisis; consistently struggling with a ... więcej

The Dagger of Adendigaeth, McPhail Melissa
The Kybalion, Three Initiates

At long last, the reason for the blessed Adept race's decline has been discovered: powerful beings known as Malorin'athgul are disrupting the Balance and ... więcej

2016 Reprint of 1908 Edition. This guide offers a modern interpretation of Hermetic doctrine, distilling its teachings into seven compelling principles ... więcej

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - With 48 Coloured Plates by Margaret W. Tarrant, Carroll Lewis
Agile and Lean Program Management, Rothman Johanna

This book contains the classic tale of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Here Lewis Carroll tells the story of a little girl who falls down a rabbit ... więcej

Scale collaboration, not process. If you're trying to use agile and lean at the program level, you've heard of several approaches, all about scaling processes. ... więcej

Malinois Belgian Shepherd Activities Malinois Belgian Shepherd Activities (Tricks, Games & Agility) Includes, Miller Connor
The Man Who Was Thursday, Chesterton G. K.
The Man Who Was Thursday A Nightmare Bestseller
55,80 zł 53,00 zł

This Activities Guide (including Tricks, Games and Agility) is among one of the most unique and informative out there. Packed full of reliable and tested ... więcej

A 'metaphysical thriller,' this novel has been described as "one of the hidden hinges of twentieth-century writing, the place where, before our eyes, the ... więcej

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