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Tall Tales of Gods, Demons and Superstitions, Abraham Ari

In Tall Tales of Demons, Gods and Superstitions, mythological creatures and supernatural phenomena invade the everyday lives of people around the world. Angels and demons conspire in the streets of London, Death drops in at a New York City laundromat, and phantoms lure children in the forests of Amazonia, while the author himself runs into smoky sirens and Mephistophelian hawkers. But ultimately, these are tales of humanity-its loves, its passions, and its brutality. At times mordant, philosophical, tender, and downright macabre, Ari Abraham's ... więcej

Witness, Rient Robert

A first-person exposé of religious tyranny in Europe today. A current bestseller in Poland, shedding light on the limits of freedom in post-Enlightenment Europe.

The Bomb in the Basement, Karpin Michael

As Iran continues to develop its nuclear program and explicitly denounces Israel, Michael Karpin's The Bomb in the Basement provides important context for the ongoing tensions in the Middle East. After Israel won its war of independence in 1948, founding prime minister David Ben-Gurion realized that his country faced the possibility of having to fight Arab nations again in the future. He embraced the idea of developing a nuclear capability and put a young lieutenant, Shimon Peres, in charge of the project. This was the beginning of Israel's quest for nuclear ... więcej

The Occult War, Malynski Emmanuel
The Occult War Bestseller
152,20 zł 137,00 zł

The Occult War - The Judeo-Masonic Plan to Conquer the World. "Emmanuel Malynski spent thirty years of his life directly observing the development of the modern revolutionary movement around the world, devoting an almost visionary intelligence and clear-mindedness to this task. ... From our mutual collaboration this book has sprung, which explores the secret history of subversion, a terrifying history that has never been written before, but which is starting to come to light." - Léon de Poncins, from the Foreword "One of the great merits of this ... więcej

The Knights of the Cross, or Krzyzacy, Sienkiewicz Henryk

Excerpt from The Knights of the Cross, or Krzyzacy: Historical Romance Hana you have, gentle reader - old writers al ways called you gentle - something Very nlhch more than a novel to amuse an idle hour. To re'ad it will be enjoyable pastime; no doubt; but the brilliant romance of the brilliant author cans upoii you for sohre exercise of the finest sympathy and intelligence; sympathy for a glorious nation Which; With only one exception, has s'uirered beyond all other nations; intelligence, of the sources if that unspeakable and immeasurable love and of the ... więcej

A History of Architecture for the Student, Craftsman, and Amateur, Fletcher Banister

Excerpt from A History of Architecture for the Student, Craftsman, and Amateur: Being a Comparative View of the Historical Styles, From the Earliest Period They are of opinion that in published works upon the sub jcet, Architecture has Often been too much isolated from its surroundings, and that the main points of the physical geography, social progress, and historical development of each country require to be understood by those who would study and comprehend its particular style. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of ... więcej

An American Woman's Life in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Lewellen Carol

I grew up a Roman Catholic. Sent to a Catholic school, I received good education. In those days, when you passed certain tests, you were allowed to enter first grade very early. I graduated from grade school at eleven years old.  Then I was on a Catholic high school, graduating at the age of sixteen years. I skipped a grade in grade school. My mother belonged to a Catholic organization, and our family took in foreign students to live with us. Thus, I am very eager to learn foreign cultures. When my husband had the chance to live and work in ... więcej

The Baloch Conflict with Iran and Pakistan, Dashti Naseer

The book is about history of the Baloch conflict with Iran and Pakistan. The work describes and analyzes, from the very beginning, the protracted and bloody struggle of the Baloch against Iran and Pakistan. It is an attempt to answer some of the pertinent questions regarding the background and contextual factors of this long-drawn conflict. The book analyzes the strength and weaknesses of opposing parties in the conflict, and it discusses the role of regional and international interest groups. It is also an overview of the problems facing the Baloch national ... więcej

A30 Challenger Tank A Technical History, Knight P.M.

The A30 Challenger was devised during 1942 as a means of mounting the powerful 17 pounder anti-tank gun on the chassis of what was intended to be the British Army's next Cruiser tank, the Cromwell. The subsequent development programme was subject to a degree of controversy as to the role and efficacy of such a vehicle, and, in the event, only 200 machines were ordered. The first examples did not see action until August 1944, and even then they were often viewed only as "stop-gaps" until the arrival of the A34 Comet. However, there were those, especially ... więcej

Selenium By Example - Volume I, Chatham Mark

Selenium By Example - Volume I: Selenium IDE takes a step-by-step approach to teaching the reader how to effectively use Selenium IDE. The topics include: • Installing and using Selenium IDE. • Step-by-step examples on how to make recordings using Selenium IDE. • How to play-back your recordings, including the various play-back options. • Advanced recording techniques. • Exporting your recordings out of Selenium IDE. • Discussions on Automated Testing approaches using Selenium IDE. All in an example based, step-by-step approach.

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