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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Lewis C. S.
Yes, Prime Minister, Jay Antony

The UK is in crisis: debt is spiralling, unemployment is on the rise and the fragile coalition cabinet, led by Prime Minister Jim Hacker, is at breaking ... więcej

Beyond Reasonable Doubt, Archer Jeffrey
Roots - A Play, Wesker Arnold

In the Central Criminal Court, the Old Bailey Sir David Metcalfe, distinguished QC and Chairman of the Bar Council, is conducting the most important defence ... więcej

Beatie returns for a holiday to her fenland farm home trying to impose on her stolid family the ideas of a young Jewish intellectual, Ronnie, whom she ... więcej

Funny Money, Cooney Ray
Mother Goose, Crocker John

Never has this master of farce been frenetically funnier! Henry A. Perkins, a mild mannered C.P.A, accidentally picks up the wrong briefcase one full of ... więcej

This is a full length pantomime, entirely traditional with lots of humour and with its own original and delightful score by Eric Gilder which is available ... więcej

Rose, Davies Andrew
73,90 zł 66,50 zł
The Papertown Paperchase, Wood David

Oscar-winner Glenda Jackson starred in this perceptive comedy both in London and on Broadway, where she captivated audiences and critics alike. Rose is ... więcej

The Salamander, a sort of dragon, is in trouble with the Fire Flies, because he is unable to create a fire by breathing on a pile of sticks. To redeem ... więcej

Sisterly Feelings - A Related Comedy, Ayckbourn Alan
The Plotters of Cabbage Patch Corner - A musical play for children, Wood David

This ingenious comedy is about two sisters and the choices they make (or have made for them) over a few months. There are four versions that can be done ... więcej

The insects live in a busy world in the garden. Their existence, however, is always overshadowed by the humans - the Big Ones. Infuriated by constant "spraying" ... więcej

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