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The Book of Enoch, Charles R.H.
The Life of Buddha, Asvaghosha

The Book of Enoch: A Work of Visionary Revelation and Prophecy, Revealing Divine Secrets and Fantastic Information about Creation, Salvation, Heaven and ... więcej

This may be the oldest known story of the complete life of Buddha, having been written in the first century AD. The author was an educated ecclesiastic ... więcej

Sun Lore of All Ages, Olcott William Tyler
History of Baalbek, Alouf Michel M.

At one time, the worldwide fame of the ruins at Baalbek drew huge numbers of tourist crowds. In the present day, a trip to Baalbek is extremely difficult ... więcej

Legends of the Gods, Budge E. A. Wallis
Camouflage Through Limited Disclosure, Koppang Randy

Contains nine of the most important religious and mythological stories from ancient Egypt. These stories have been told throughout the years, but have ... więcej

According to the author, from the 1940's to the present time the U.S. government has involved itself in the deepest levels of secrecy involving an ... więcej

The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors, Graves Kersey
Matrix of Power, Maxwell Jordan

Known to be a masterpiece of freethought literature. The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors has been out of print but sought after for many years. A small ... więcej

The Coming of the Guardians,
The Creative Process in the Individual, Troward Thomas

Where do UFOs really come from? Layne holds an inter-dimensional, etheric-based theory. He terms those from the other realms as Etherians and the UFOs ... więcej

What is creativity? Without creative powers mankind would still be living in caves, without any new ideas or advancement, so it is important to understand ... więcej

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